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Your PM Tutor helps You pass the PMP® exam

You want to pass the PMP® or CAPM® certification exam. You are looking for a tutor. Your PM Tutor provides the resources and help you need to pass the PMP® exam. We have a 99% pass rate.

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Your PM Tutor - A Proven System Helps People Pass

Like any good project, your need a plan. Not just any plan, but one that works. You are busy with your daily life. You have deadlines at work. You have activities with the family. And you have the endless to-do list around the home. How will you find the time to study to pass the exam?

You'll learn very quickly cleaning out the garage or washing the dishes is preferable over reading the PMBOK® Guide. We know. We've been there and can safely say our garage is cleared and the dishes are clean. Studying for the PMP® exam is a proven cure for insomnia.

Here's What We've Learned By Listening To Others....

Your PM Tutor has lost track of the number of in-person sessions taught and people questioned. The #1 question asked is "What is the most effective way to study for the exam?" We set out to answer that question.

We learned those with a plan succeeded on the exam at a much higher rate than those who simply studied. They formed study groups to hold themselves accountable. They scheduled their weekly progress toward a particular exam date. They studied material and took practice exams. And they worked hard to devise that plan.

We spoke with many who desired to have those things, but didn't have others at work to form the groups, create the accountability and life got in the way.

Your PM Tutor has the study group, the lesson plan, the practice exams AND live professor you can tap into to explain in ordinary terms those rough areas like Earned Value Management, Calculating Critical Path, Learning the Motivational Theorists, Understanding Quality as described by the PMI, and so forth. The weekly, live teleconference calls keep you on track.

Plus, you have the ability to schedule 1-on-1 time with the instructor. There is nothing like relating this material to the projects at work. So, schedule that hour with the instructor and discuss your particular project (Mutual Non-disclosure agreements available and signed to protect confidential information, if necessary) or ask the question you need answered.

What You Get...

By joining Your PM Tutor Online Study Group, you'll receive:

  • Online lesson plans available 24/7 using an online learning system
  • Audios you can download and listen as you drive
  • Slide decks used doing teaching sessions
  • PM Cheat Sheet listing most important topics to know
  • Study Aids such as Study Guide and PMBOK® Guide cross-referenece
  • Weekly Teleseminars (usually with screen sharing)
  • PM Glossary - the exam is full of jargon - you better know it.

Join the Project Professors' Personal PMP Tutor Today - The Best Project Management Professional Study Site and One-on-One Training Available

But Let's Say You Feel You Really Want The Personal Attention of One of Our Professors.

No problem. Fill out the form below. We'll devise the best strategy of study suited to you. We determine an approximate number of hours you want to spend. We set out the topics toughest to you and then spend the time to clearly explain the material. If you need more hours, you simply pay for more and we continue. No pressure from us. You determine when you feel comfortable you are confident of the material.

We Meet You Where You Are.

We conduct remote via the web. Using screen sharing, Your PM Tutor gets the material across. We are experienced corporate trainers conducting global training sessions. We understand time zone and cultural barriers. And with downloadable audios, you can hear our sweet voices while stuck in traffic or watching your child's baseball game. We work our meeting times around your schedules and we will never know you're in your bunny slippers. Grab a cup of coffee, your computer, find your favorite chair and learn project management.

Sign up for Your PM Tutor Now....

Act now. There's no better time to pass that PMP® exam.

Join the Project Professors' Personal PMP Tutor Today - The Best Project Management Professional Study Site and One-on-One Training Available

Want More Information About One-on-One Tutoring or Have Any Other Question?

Great. Fill out the form below so we can speak to you directly.

The Project Professor

Project Professor, Project Professors, My PM Tutor, My PM Tutors, Personal PM Tutor, Personal PM Tutors, David A. Zimmer

Mr. Zimmer combines over 30 years of project management experience with the theory described in the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) into easily relatable examples so you understand the information needed to pass the PMP® exam. He puts the practical into the theory helping you make it reality.

Learn More About Him...

What Others Are Saying . . .


I wanted to let you know I passed on the first try. I attribute my success to the great preparation you provided through the study group. Working with others in the discussion forums and teleconferences, I learned from other people's perspectives. The materials you use are top notch. And I loved the audios because I could listen to them on my train commute. Thanks again and I will highly recommend your group to others.


Dear Personal PM Tutor,

I can't thank you enough. The study group made it happen for me. I wished I had found you before I took the exam the first time. I thrashed around in my study time then and it wasn't productive. Your system really helped me organize my study time, made it productive and actually saved me time because I knew exactly what I needed to do next. Your clear examples and tying it to everyday life really made it stick in my brain. On the exam, I easily recalled the information and passed the exam. Thanks again.

George B.


* You agree to the proper use and conduct of the online study group. Misuse or violation of the study group, content or harassment of other members may warrant termination of study group privileges.

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